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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


So I am just gonna send a boatload of pictures since I couldn't send any last week. 

So you know how I talked about the UFOlogy elder last week? Aunt Lareita sent me an awesome video of Uncle Henry at a family reunion sharing his experience seeing the famous 2002 Phoenix UFO lights! Haha I felt like I was right there! And 2 days ago we met a man who studies UFOlogy (so ironic) and he talked with us about crazy stuff for like 30 min before we could escape haha. It is just ufo week, I guess. 

I got a new companion. Hermana Taylor was a great friend and I loved my time with her! I now have Hna Cabero de Bolivia! She is really fun and laughy and chill and I think it'll be a cool change. I get to stay in El Parron! There are so many special people here and I am so happy I get to stay! The ward is progressing so much! Everyone's saying, ''Wow, a lot of people come to church now!'' Yes, they do! If everyone in Chile were active it would be the new Zion, I swear haha. So much potential here and I am so grateful I got sent here. 

Picture time. 

These first ones are from the science museum

Two-way mirror that morphed my face with H. Taylor's
 Okay, I have more but this is the last I'll send bc 8 is a lot haha. Bye Hermana Taylor!!!! I can't figure out how to rotate this picture.....But I think my outfit is fantastic so that's why I sent it! Hahaha
 An Elder sketched me and Hermana Mooney. Can you guess who's who?
 I learned how to crochet!!!!!!! I am super animated!!!! Haha do they say that in English? But really, I am making a scarf and when I get home and have more time I want to make a hat. They started doing little workshops in the relief society every Thursday and it's awesome bc we have a few inactives who are too embarrassed to go back to church but want to enter back in through the activities.
 Mirror cube
 Bed of nails! It didn't even hurt!
 Our apartment!! Haha I sound like I am in college. But Hermana Mooney (by me) went home! :( :( but we are going to hang out in Utah when I get back--I love that I have made friends here for life! And the Latina is my old daughter, Hermana Pocon, who I love
 Giant bubbles! It's a dream come true!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Soooo my new Pday is Wednesday. The idea is that it will let us go to the temple more without changing our pday. It's also awesome bc everything is closed on Monday, like museums and stuff, so now we are good to go! We took advantage and today the zone went to this interactive science museum. It was fun! 

I am a very sad person right now because our dumb cyber isn't uploading all the cool pics I took at the science you will have to anxiously await for another week! Ha. There will be a giant bubble included.

It was a good week. Well, our most progressing investigator moved in with her boyfriend and started avoiding us. That hurt. But our awesome Peruvian investigator came to church for the 2nd time! That is SUCH a big deal, trust me! We had some awesome spiritual lessons with him that were super powerful. I swear, the more receptive people are, the more the spirit lets loose. His wife (well, they are planning on getting married--score!) is very sweet and very accepting too. Moments with people like them are the kind you can't forget about for the rest of your life.

So I was talking to an elder today . I asked what he wanted to study and he said UFOlogy. Like, alien stuff. Like, he was serious. Because he has seen 2 UFOs and still looks out the window at night in hopes of seeing more. He is totally serious! Hey, who I am I to judge though, it could happen. I told him he definitely just sealed his spot in my post-mission memoir. Haha. I dk if I'll actually make one, haha but it might be fun to try. Does the church have a stance on whether aliens may secretly visit earth? Haha