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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Zumba Assault‏

So something funny that happened this week is that I was on the patio doing zumba, and I thought no one was home in the house that we live behind. But then a man that I've never seen before came out the door and I ask suspiciously, ''Who are you?'' He answered, ''A robber.'' My heart skips a beat, and without thinking I book it to the gate, and he's yelling, "Stop! It was a joke!" I yell, ''No, I'm scared,'' and his wife has to come out and tell me that she is the daughter of the house owner and he is her husband. My comp heard the whole thing and comes out laughing her head off. It was pretty funny. I guess I'm officially traumatized from the 2 assaults I've experienced here haha.
It's been another amazing week. I love being a missionary so much. I am excited to come home, but kinda scared for the moment I am not a missionary anymore because preaching the doctrine of Christ and helping people feel the spirit is the most fulfilling thing a person could do. One little miracle of the week is that we found a less active that we lost contact with for a couple weeks. We had left the Book of Mormon with her, and when we found her she had read to chapter 11. That does not happen every day! You can almost notice a physical change in the countenance of people that are reading the Book of Mormon--that book is incredible and from God. She told us that she wants her children to be baptized-welp, you gotta give up working on Sunday and take them to church every week then haha. We're working on it, but with this progress, I'm sure she'll be active in a couple months. We also had an investigator in church, and are teaching more investigators. We're helping out with the primary and young womens. I just love being in this ward--there are so many people I love. I don't even know what else to say so I will send pics! 

Here's the Thanksgiving feast we had with the missionaries haha. Almost as good as what we eat at home... Almost...

 In honor of Thanksgiving, I made a chocolate cream pie from scratch! I am becoming so baky! Haha it was GOOD
 My favorite fat dog in the ward. 
 I made this necklace out of a really pretty seed of a fruit called nisporo that doesn't exist in the states. It was easy to make!
 This is a basket made out of newspaper.  Needs to be painted.My mission is training me to be a future young womens president. And the woman is one of my bffs Karla :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Elder Nelson and the Flower Girl‏

It has been a truly amazing week. We suddenly have new investigators and people progressing and more lessons. God is truly blessing us. But still, this week has gone by slowly! Maybe because I am close to the end? Haha. I am really enjoying it but it feels like a week ago was last month.

So we are teaching an inactive couple "A" and "O". "A" a little more receptive, but "O" would always hide when we came. Imagine a 35 yr old tattooed long-haired man that's always drinking on the corner with his friends. Well, we finally got him to participate with us this week because we brought a member with us that they knew. By the end, he was crying because he felt the spirit, and this Sunday he came to church for the first time in several years! "A" has come a couple times before. It was a miracle! We are hoping he can keep his animo up. I love seeing the spirit touch people's hearts. This is why the members really need to be involved in less active work.
We had a conference with the one and only Elder Nelson this Friday! It was amazing. I was chosen to be the piano player, but I was a foolish virgin and arrived late to the wedding feast (and by late I mean 30 minutes early) so they found another preludist. I still played the hymns though, and we all got to shake his hand. He spoke a lot about the House of Israel, and our role as Ephraim and Manassehites haha. His wife talked about how she wishes we could have a premortal DVD player to see our premortal selves, and that we all have a premortal to do list with things we covenanted to do while on earth. It was amazing.

Something unusual that happened this week is that we stopped by the house of a gypsy girl we met crying the other day to see how she was doing, because her husband had died. We met her mom and offered service, like we always do. For the first time, someone accepted the offer haha and we spent an hour and a half cleaning their house (it was filthy.) Their culture is wayyy different than ours, but it was interesting. 

Our stake also had a conference with Elder Christensen from the Presidency of the 70. It was amazing as well. I played a really cool version of Praise to the Man for the stake choir--I almost had a heart attack because when I got there in the morning I realized I was missing a page, but thankfully a week ago we made photocopies of the music for another Elder as the backup director, so I got the page back. There was this lady that came up to me drunk before the reunion started with her daughter who had a branch of flowers it looked like she pulled off a tree, and the woman said to me in a hippy voice, ''Where can she put these flowers? They are an offering of love!'' I directed her to the stake counselor haha I dk what he did.
So to end, I would like to announce that I am now a professional bread maker. A man in my ward gave me his recipe and it turned out amazingly! I put onion, tomato, and oregano in some of the rolls, sooo good.
 Grapefruit mate
 Giant rat or dog? You decide. (ok, it's an albino scooby doo dog. It was scarier in person. Its eyes were red.)