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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Peruvian Searching‏ + a Baptism

The highlight of this week was the baptism of "I"! She is a very, very special girl to me. I love her so much. She lives with her gma and aunt, who have reactivated in the past 3 months. I can't tell her whole life story in detail, but basically she has had and still has some very difficult things going on in her life. She is very faithful and has come to church every week for 4 months since we started teaching her family, even the days that her gma and aunt have been sick. She is a great example to me and finds a lot of refuge in the chapel. The ward loves her and has become her family. The Bishop was crying in his talk at her baptism, and she was pretty surprised. It was funny because everyone in the family told us she was 11, even her. But turns out she is actually ten. She just accepted it, like, oh, I guess I'm actually ten. 

So funny story--We started a new contacting strategy. Chileans always reject you the moment they see your plaque. Verrrry unreceptive here haha. So I thought to ask an old lady, ''Do you know a Peruvian family that lives on this street?'' (because the people who are the nicest are always the foreigners.) She said, yeah, my neighbor 2 doors down! We went to knock on the door. A Peruvian kid who had been walking by while I asked the old lady stops to walk in the door because he lives there. He smiles and says, ''What a coincidence!'' Hahah, it was so funny. But he was very nice--I plead my case--and we set up a cita for when his mom would be home.

I CROCHETED A HAT! Yes, I did. Oh yes, I did. A reactivating old lady taught me how. 
 The elders moved in with a ward member this change and their dog follows them out of the house every day. They can't avoid it, it's hilarious. It follows them to church, to meetings, everything. Here are the elders trying to get it out of zone meeting. Haha.
Remember how I have a creepy doll picture collection? Haha I found this gem while we were painting a less active's house the other day.
 Our zone had a giant Nerf gun war! It was fun. We played different Nerf games.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Random Stuff

This Pday the zone went to the Planetarium! It was sooooo cool. They have a good one in the Centro with a presentation of the stars and 3d vid of the galaxy and stuff. Awesome.
 Gorditas! Haha this statue made me laugh.
My new comp and I! She's really cool.
Scarfs! With Millaray and Tia 
A Peruvian elder was gonna cook some chicken feet and I asked if he could bring some to the reunion because I wanted to try! He said yes, but come day of the reunion he didn't bring them and I was sad. Well, the next day I am at a house, and what are they making--chicken feet! I have never even seen or heard of those before in Chile! So I tried them. They tasted like fat with bone inside. Not the greatest.
 Trying to get the dog out of my picture! Haha
 It has been my dream since I got here to do the teeter totter!
Have a fantastic week!