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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This was one of my favorite Sundays of my whole mission. We had 3 less actives come to church for the first time in years. We have been visiting "E" for 4 months, "A" for 2 months, and "L" for 3 months. And they finally came to church--and all in the same week! Now it's our job to make sure they keep coming. It has been a process, but it is so worth it when you can see the change in someone. I was tearing up at the piano when I looked out and saw them all there. "O" also came--the one I mentioned that is reactivating. She is rekindling many friendships in the ward. Never give up on a less active--ever. That is something my mission has taught me that I'll keep with me for the rest of my life. This week we knocked to find new investigators because we don't have like any investigators. And we found more inactives instead! Welcome to Santiago!

And the other thing I'm really taking home from my mission is that reading the Book of Mormon changes lives, and the book has a true power. I love the Book of Mormon with all my heart. Keep reading it, and as a family too.

Giant hamburger!!! Yum.
  Probably one of my least favorite pdays of my whole mission. Water fight. I was so cold!
  It really makes the mission fun when your comp is your best friend!
 Walking in the summer is very tiring.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Applying the Scriptures

General Conference was great! Not gonna lie, during the Sunday morning session with all the talks on prophets, we thought they were gonna announce some big change, like a return to the Law of Consecration or something, haha. I was slightly disappointed nothing dramatic happened, but President Monson's talk was my favorite out of the whole conference. I received a very strong impression the last April conference that he is the Lord's prophet on earth and I know that everything he says comes straight from God. The message was so simple, but beautiful: we need to try harder to be more like Christ. So everyone told us to follow the prophet, and then the prophet told us to follow Jesus. Sounds about right to me.

Something funny that happened this week--We were coming home from a reunion in a car with a member and we stopped at a streetlight and many other missionaries crossed the street in front of us. The window to the car was rolled down, and the lady on the street corner starts randomly talking to the guy driving our car and says, ''There go the Mormons. They are going door to door asking people to donate tithings to their church.'' The driver said, ''No, they don't do that,'' and she insisted that they did. He said, ''Look in the back of the car.'' She looked and saw us and we waved and smiled, and then the light turned green and we drove away. So that sheds a little more light on why people don't open up the door for us haha :)

So I am still pushing my comp around in the wheelchair . Yesterday we walked around to various appointments that fell through. But finally we went to a less active's house that was unplanned and for the first time she opened up about what's going on in her life, and we were able to help her with the scriptures and we all felt the spirit. The hard days are always worth it on the mission!

So sometimes reading the Old Testament is hard. So I started applying verses to the mission life. It's pretty fun. Some examples:

Job 19:14 -- When no one writes on Pday
Nehemiah 10:15-27 -- What Spanish sounds like to a new gringo
Job 6:6 --Trying to cook in the apartment with very few ingredients
Ecclesiastes 7:26 --When elders get dear johned
Job 32: 19 -- When the ward members serve too much food at lunch
Job 30:30 -- missionary work in the summer

Have a great week!