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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


This is gonna be a short one this week but with some awesome pics bc our zone went to a beautiful hike and waterfall!!!!

"C" was so happy after her baptism and told us she felt like ''she had just been born'' haha. She gave her cute testimony afterwards to everyone. The sad part was that they were an hour her own baptism. Problems in the metro station? 

We had a stake service project where we helped paint a fire station! Only the bishop and the missionaries showed up from our ward :( Haha but I got to go down a real life fire pole! I was hesitant at first, but it was fun! Something I have obviously always wanted to do!!!
K, a quick other story--I dk if I have told this but when we were preparing "M" for her baptism (she is 10), we were reviewing the baptismal interview questions. She went and got a pen and notebook to prepare. We read the first question, ''Do you believe that God is our Eternal Father?'' She looks confused, and says yes. We ask, ''Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?'' Again, she says yeeeesss.... and then writes down in her notebook ''1. yes. 2. yes.'' Hahaha. Just in case she forgot the answers, I guess? She is so cute.
 "M" and our cueca dolls 
 The path
 The waterfall
 "C" baptism
 A crocheted tree. Genius. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Salami Thief

So the underground buses here always have people performing on them and the other day there was a freestyle rapper with a beat box and everything! He asked for 3 words and I shouted out missionary, another person shouted love, and another secret. Then he made up this awesome rap about us and how we walk all day sending love to people haha. It was so cool. There was a cool saxophonist the other day playing Beatle's songs and I decided my new life dream is to learn Hey Jude on the sax! 

Bad news--for a variety of reasons, my companion and I have had to spend more time home this week than I would have liked since she is sick, but the good news is that I taught myself how to crochet a flower and made Kynzi and myself hats haha.

I hear so many stories on my mission--I LOVE STORIES and just talking to people because so many cute/funny/weird things happen in life. The other day our less active Magdalena was at her job as a security guard when they noticed this 80 yr old little grandpa had stolen some items. They chased him down out the store and demanded he give back everything he had taken. And you know what they found stuffed all in his jacket and pants? SALAMI. Ya. True story.

A mother of a member was watering her garden the other day when two teenage girls started cat fighting on the corner in front of her house: pulling hair, screaming, the whole shebang. She yelled at them to stop fighting in front of HER house and when they didn't listen, she watered them down with the hose! The girls said, ''Hey, the old lady's spraying us!'' and left. Victory for the grandma!

K, after 2 funny stories, here's a more spiritual one. We are preparing a little girl to be baptized next week. Her gma's conversion story is sweet. She and her husband had separated but remained friends and neighbors. He was never religious, but when he met the missionaries he joined the church and remained active. He died young from a heart attack and she wanted to have his funeral in the church chapel, but for some reason they couldn't, so she got all bitter at the church and would reject the missionaries. Then she got to reading all the church books her husband had left behind and loved them. She had gone to several religions before and had never felt so spiritually filled. She knelt down to say a prayer asking if it was the true church and right after she got up, the missionaries knocked on her door and she got baptized later. I love hearing those stories! Haven't witnessed one that dramatic personally yet haha but I do know for sure that God has answered my prayers!

I ate cow stomach this week--so that's another weird food I can add to the list of weird things I have eaten in Chile.

Found this quote the other day from President's wife in my journal and I love it:
''Sometimes he doesn't change our situation because he's trying to change our hearts.''
 This is the hat I whipped out in 40 minutes. I am getting to be a pro!!!
Here is the hat I made Makynzi!!! That I invented how to do all on my own! Haha. And the other picture is from this ward party where we learned the traditional dance of Chile--the cueca! You use a hankerchief . I thought this picture turned out pretty funny haha.