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Monday, April 14, 2014

Lame Jokes

Writing a little late because the Hermana Leaders went with President and his wife to see some cool mountainish stuff of which I will be sending pictures.

My new comp and I are getting along great. It is the first time since my training that I am not training! She teaches so awesomely and I have a ton to learn from her. Her style is a little more intense than mine, but that's not a bad thing, just different. We have fun and have been working hard. 

I will spare you all the details, but if I don't write about Lorena anymore it is because she does not want to be baptized and wants to be Catholic. She was crying, I was crying, and I pretty much don't want to think about it because it makes me sad. BUT, like my mission daughter always said, to get rid of pain, you have to get rid of love. She gets her profundity from her mom. Haha.

We found an awesome investigator who has read 50 pages of the Book of Mormon in 1 day! And she knows it is true! THAT doesn't happen every day (understatement). And she said she wants to get baptized but she does not want to come to church... We are working on it. 

I don't know if you heard about the huge fire here in Valparaiso. 80 LDS families have lost their homes, and like a thousand more. Chile has been passing through some rough things lately. But it was really cool to see the members of the church come together and collect things to help them.

I am going to end by teaching you about the Jaimito jokes that are popular here. It will be better to just give examples. I am so lame. I just love lame jokes. I collect them.

--Mama, in school they call me big mouth!
--That's not true, Jaimito. Now, go get the shovel so I can feed you yogurt.

--Mama, in school they call me airhead!
--I'm not your mom, Jaimito. You live in the house across the street.

--Mama, in school they call me bucktooth!
--That's not true, Jaimito. Now, get out of the kitchen, you're scraping up the floors.

--Mama, in school they call me a liar!
--You don't go to school, Jaimito!

--Mama, in school they ignore me. Mama! Mama, listen to me, I am talking!!

--Mama, in school they call me Lady Gaga.
--I'm sorry Jaimito. Who calls you that?
--Alejandro, Alejandro.

Hahahaha. Maybe I spend too much time on these. But I just love lame jokes so much. It is my dream to make up a good Jaimito joke.

 We found narnia!!!
 A waterfall!!! Woohoo. 
 There were also those natural springs that are like natural hot tubs. But because we are missionaries, we could only put our feet in haha. There were also wild cows, but I have no time to find the picture, so just imagine wild cows in your heads.

 me and my new mate
The hills are alive with the sound of music! Okay, it's a mountain. But still, my heart wants to sing every song it hears.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Conference! And April Fools!‏

Embarrassing story of the week: At lunch today in a little cafe, the waiter gave me a straw. Without thinking, I put the straw in the bottle of lemon juice on the table and started drinking. Then I squealed, bc it was lemon juice and that surprised me. The guy at the table sitting next to us got a laugh. Glad I could make him happy.

I loved conference! But it is so not fair because Satan attacked all our investigators (except one) so they couldn't come. Well, a few were just lazy. But Lorena got sick and Tatiana fell and had to go to the doctor 20 minutes before we went to pick her up. Ughhh I hate Satan. Also, like no one advised us they couldn't come so we are all running out of our way all over the place to have everyone stand us up. But when we were all frustrated, the conference talks on Sunday morning really animated us. That was just the BEST session! Elder Uchtdorf's gratitude, the awesome 4 minute olympic talk, and (my personal favorite) the prophet's talk on love. I love him! I felt so strongly he is a prophet! I imagined God talking to me and I know that is exactly what God would say to me. Just be chill and love and everything will be okay. That is the center of the gospel and the key to life. I love our prophet. 

Super cool shout out to the Gilbert temple dedication. I was bragging to everyone, ''my cousins were in that!'' Also, when they sang, ''Come Let Us Anew'' at the end of Sunday afternoon, I was so flipping full of joy I almost cried! I was telling everyone, ''This is MY FAMILY'S song!'' Also, I just love the words to that song. Mom, you read that beautiful story of our pioneer ancestor who had his daughter sing it to him while he was dying, right? It's in the Dudley Leavitt book. I talked so much about my awesome family that my sector started making fun of me. But I can't help it.

We are sad because we had cambios this week and Hna Pocon left, and some of our Elders :( PS: I am a grandma now in the mission because my old daughter Hna Arenas is now training. And now I am sister training leader, which I did NOT want to do because I hate divisions. But whatever, I know I just have to learn to love every calling I am given. 

K, I will end with the most epic April Fools joke I have played. We had it planned out so good. Elder Masino called us at night for something that I don't remember and asked how our day was. I said it was dramatic because Hna Pocon got some email, then H Pocon in the background starts saying, no don't tell him. So now he's begging to know. We let him beg for a while and then I passed her the phone and she tells this long story about how this ex-almost-boyfriend that she always talks about emailed her and asked her to come home and marry him and she talked to President and was gonna go home. The reaction was priceless. He was freaking out and preparing a large speech. Then we just started cracking up, and he said, Oh wait... It's April Fools. SON OF A BISCUIT!!!! So yeah, we have that all recorded on my camera.

 My new comp from Nicaragua and I
 For our last week, we went to the temple! Woohoo
 Cool graffiti. Do you see the hand? I am planning on making an awesome collage when I get home.
 Here is our precious Joaquin! He is my little miracle.
 More Chileans Chillen and me. Should I make a collage of that too? I have enough pics that could! Haha jk