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Monday, July 28, 2014

Fence Hoppin

So a funny story I forgot to tell last week is that we have this investigator (who wants to get baptized and is a dry Mormon, but is waiting for her husband to want to marry her, like everyone else in Chile) who was wanting to show us a picture of her brother's baptism that she had on some disc. It seemed really important to her, so we stuck around watching the slow picture slideshow for like a half hour--but then we had to leave for another appointment. She texted us later that night saying excitedly that she had found the picture and paused it so we could come over that night before going home. We agreed. So at 10pm, we stopped by her house. We always have to call her to tell her to come unlock the gate since she lives in the way back of this housing place. Unfortunately, our phone was dead. 

So what could we do? We can't ditch her or she'll feel super bad, especially after all this effort to find the picture. We can't yell, bc it's late and we will wake people up. We don't have time to run home and charge the phone. The only possible solution was to hop the fence. I tried but my legs were too short, so Hermana Taylor did it. The fence was pokey at the top and like ten feet tall, but that girl's got skills. Well, she did it...but unfortunately some guy saw us and told on us. We didn't get in trouble; they just told us to not do it again and it was embarrassing. Also, H Taylor ripped her skirt a little and damaged her knee slightly. Yeah, one of the less wise things I have done on my mission, sorry, Dad. But it was pretty funny and all for the sake of an investigator...

So there is a detailed story, Dad,like you asked for :) Sorry it's not really inspiring. We had a new less active at church this week who we are reteaching everything to. It's funny because a lot of people assume that the less actives remember the restoration and other principles of the church, when they really don't. It is cool to be able to teach them all over again and see that light of understanding in their eyes. The gospel really just makes so much sense to our minds and to our spirits :)

Have a good week!

Another Chilean creepy doll to add to the collection. Seriously, what is this thing they have for creepy dolls that no one seems to think are creepy??

Peruvian food! 

Here is us at mutual. Yeah, we planned our mutual out and were all excited for it and then there ended up being 1 young woman, 0 young men, 4 missionaries, and 3 children of an investigator. There aren't a ton of youth to begin with and they don't like coming to mutual. We played games and made banana bread (which I burned). I even ended up having to spin around and jump over a broom, all in an attempt to un-lameify the night.

Monday, July 21, 2014

People Time

So I haven't written about people in a while. I love the people here in this sector! One of my favorite places to teach--I dk if I mentioned yet--is this house that has a great gma, her daughter, her granddaughter, and her greatgranddaughter. 4 generations! They are so fun to be around. The grandma still has so much spunk in her and jokes. I hope I'm like that when I'm old! They always give us extravagant onces (which is like the Chilean dinner. It usually consists of bread, then stuff to put on it, like avocado, cheese, ham, eggs, etc. Then sometimes cake or something sweet.) Only the great gma is active and we are getting close with getting the others to church. The daughter has finished all of 1 Nephi! But still hasn't come to church. We are gonna buy her a skirt this week at the ferria (which is like a giant yard sale, they have every Wed and Sat, down the streets where people come to buy groceries and EVERYTHING imaginable) because that seems to be one of the biggest things holding her back--she feels uncomfortable wearing pants to church. Maybe it's an excuse, but hey the gesture at least will be nice. I love being a missionary. It is definitely hard sometimes but I have never let a day pass without feeling grateful I am here

We had a less active come to church yesterday for the first time in years! She loved it! Another lady we invited back to church got called to the RS Presidency, so that was cool to see happen. We are teaching a lot lately. We even have a pretty strong baptismal date finally haha. She is the niece of a family in the ward. She is 18 and has a baby but really wants to change her life. We read through the burying your weapons story in Alma with her and  2 other people this week. I have never used that story too much before, but this week I felt the spirit so strong while reading it I almost teared up and wanted to read it with everyone. Think of how converted those Anti Nephi Lehis were--and the great example they became to millions. Go read it. 

Another less active is having a lot of luck quitting smoking by reading the BOM in the morning. She actually told us, ''I started doing what you said and reading in the morning. Now, when I want to smoke, my body rejects the cigarette. It's like magic--are you guys witches?'' Haha that made me so happy to hear. Really, the BOM has power. I know that book is true! It is just so dang powerful.

Okay, the bad news is that I forgot to charge my camera all week and so I only have this one picture. But hey, it's kinda a funny story. We were grocery shopping and had to walk all the way to the metro station in the POURING rain. It was cold and we were walking through water like a foot deep with heavy bags. A super nice stranger offered to help carry some of our bags and followed us around while carrying an umbrella over our heads (even though we were already soaked, it was sweet.) I love nice strangers. We got his reference to pass to other missionaries.